Types of Chips Shape Features and Ease of Raking
Conical Spiral Conical Spiral Fan-shaped chips cut by the cutting edge are curved by the flute. Chips of this type are produced when drilling ductile material at a small feed rate. If the chip breaks after several turns, the chip breaking performance is satisfactory.
Long Pitch Long Pitch Long pitch chips exit without curling and will easily coil around the drill.
Fan Fan This is a chip broken by the drill flute and the wall of a drilled hole. It is generated when the feed rate is high.
Segment Segment A conical spiral chip that is broken just before the chip grows into the long-pitch shape by the wall of the drilled hole due to its insufficient ductility. Excellent chip disposal and chip discharge.
Zigzag Zigzag A chip that is buckled and folded because of the shape of flute and the characteristics of the material. It easily causes chip packing at the flute.
Needle Needle Chips broken by vibration or broken when brittle material is curled with a small radius. The breaking performance is comparatively satisfactory, but these chips can become closely packed.