Grooving GY Series

(00° type holder)

  • Highly reliable insert clamping
  • High accuracy, long life inserts for a wide variety of machining applications
  • Innovative Tri Lock System
  • Dimensions shown are when the gauge insert is used.

The actual product may differ from the displayed image.
For details, please check the dimensions below.

Type1 [Expand]

Type2 [Expand]

Type3 [Expand]

Reference Number Type CAD Type of Coolant Hand Name of Grade Grade Stock
1G1R9K1 Type1 CAD R  
1J1R9K1 Type3 CAD R  
1Q1R9K1 Type2 CAD R  
1G1L9K1 Type1 CAD L  
1J1L9K1 Type3 CAD L  
1Q1L9K1 Type2 CAD L  
ap CDX APMX HTB DCN CDI DCINX BDX CWX LBX D1 IC CUTDIA DAXX DMIN DC DC1 DC2 BD BD1 BD2 BD3 BD4 BD5 Modular Blade Modular Holder D2 DCX D4 DCON D5 DN DCSFMS D8 DAH DAH1 DAH2 DCCB CNT D9 B L1 L L24 FLGT LF CBDP OAL LPR L2 LH L19 LU L3 LBB L20 LDRED L15 LCF L7 LCCB L8 L9 HBKW LS H1 H H2 HBH HF W1 KWW F1 WF BS S1 WF2 S4 S Z2 PDY PDX RR GAMF GAMO LAMS ALF FHA KRINS STA WT R PRFRAD RE RE1 RE2 RE3 ld BHTA BHTA1 BHTA2 BHTA3 BHTA4 BHTA5 SIG SIG1 SIG2 LTA LBYD KWL Cutting item count: CICT Peripheral effective cutting edge count: ZEFP Face effective cutting edge count: ZEFF Effective Cutting Edge Breaker Use Insert Number DBC DBC1 DBC2 DBC3 DCONWS DCONMS KAPR KAPR1 KAPR2 LB LB1 LB2 LB3 LB4 LB5 LE LE1 LE2 LE3 TX1 TX2 TX3
25 50 GYPR2525M00-K25 25 150 47 25 7 25 28 1  
25 50 GYPR3232P00-K25 32 170 47 32 32 35 1  
25 50 GYPR3225P00-K25 25 170 47 32 32 28 1  
25 50 GYPL2525M00-K25 25 150 47 25 7 25 28 1  
25 50 GYPL3232P00-K25 32 170 47 32 32 35 1  
25 50 GYPL3225P00-K25 25 170 47 32 32 28 1  


:Inventory maintained.
:Non stock, produced to order only.
:Inventory maintained. To be replaced by new products.
:Inventory maintained in Japan.

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