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Solid End Mills > DS3MHR_A_INCH

Solid End Mills

(Roughing, Medium, 3 flute, For aluminum alloys)

  • 3 flute rougher end mill for aluminum alloys.
  • Helix angle 45°.

Type1 [Outspread]

Order Number Type CAD Type of Coolant Hand Name of Grade Grade Stock
DS3MHRD1/4A Type1 CAD    
DS3MHRD3/8A Type1 CAD    
DS3MHRD1/2A Type1 CAD    
DS3MHRD3/4A Type1 CAD    
DS3MHRD1A Type1 CAD    
R PRFRAD D1 IC DMIN CUTDIA DAXX DC ap APMX L3 LBB CDX L20 LDRED L15 LCF D5 DN DCSFMS BD L1 L L24 FLGT CBDP OAL LPR D4 DCON D2 DCX D8 DAH DCCB CNT D9 B L2 LH L19 LU LF L7 LCCB L8 L9 HBKW LS H1 H H2 HF HBH W1 KWW F1 WF BS S1 WF2 S4 S Z2 PDY PDX RR GAMF WT RE RE_1 ld SIG Cutting item count​​:CTCI ZEFP Peripheral effective cutting edge count:ZEFP Breaker Use body Modular Blade Insert Number
.25 .75 .25 2.5 3  
.375 .875 .375 2.5 3  
.5 1 .5 3 3  
.75 1.5 .75 4 3  
1 2 1 4 3  


:Inventory maintained.
:Non stock, produced to order only.
:Inventory maintained. To be replaced by new products.
:Inventory maintained in Japan.

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