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External Cutting


MTANL-103X EDP:387014

Product Information

  • Negative rake clamp and locking pin toolholders.
  • Insert securely held by a shim pin and clamp bridge.
  • Index operation is easy to perform.
  • (Opt.) Single clamp available as clamp on or pin lock holder.

Type   [Outspread ]

Type   [Outspread ]

Diameter (Unit)
Sales unit 1
Hand L
Unit of Length I
B .625
KAPR 90°
LF 4.5
LH 1
WF .625
H .625
HF .625
Peripheral effective cutting edge count: ZEFP 1
Insert Number TN__33


:Inventory maintained.
:Non stock, produced to order only.
:Inventory maintained. To be replaced by new products.
:Inventory maintained in Japan.

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