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Turning Insert >NP-VCGW331-GS2

Turning Insert

NP-VCGW331-GS2 EDP:10645871

Product Information

The actual product may differ from the displayed image.
For details, please check the dimensions below.

Type   [Outspread ]

Type   [Outspread ]

Diameter (Unit)
Name of Grade Coated CBN
Grade BC8210
Order Number NP-VCGW160404GS2
Sales unit 1
Hand N
Unit of Length I
D1 .173
IC .375
EPSR 35°
LE .098
S .187
RE .016
Breaker flat_top
Classification of Grades
CBN・Coated CBN BC8105
CBN・Coated CBN BC8110
3D Detail Model (STP,STL)
CAD data name Download


:Inventory maintained.
:Non stock, produced to order only.
:Inventory maintained. To be replaced by new products.
:Inventory maintained in Japan.

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